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AC Maintenance Tips and Tricks

AC Maintenance Tips and Tricks

AC Maintenance help you maintain and repair your ac in-case you need help of a company expert in solving issues related to your air conditioning. Following are some ac maintenance tips and tricks that are useful if you are living in Dubai.

Inspecting the access panel

You will find the access panel if you follow the electrical conduit. Turn the power off and store as well as remove
the screws retaining the access-panel and removing the panel. Check the wires and electrical connectors to
see if any rodents have chewed on the wires before replacing the parts. Clean any nests if found and repair
the wires or call a professional company.

AC Maintenance

Replacing the capacitor

All air conditioner units have one capacitor at-least. The capacitor is used to store electricity and release it
while compressor and condenser fans start which gives extra power to both the motors. It also smoothens the
fluctuations in motor which protects the fan motor and condenser from any kind of damage.

Contactor replacing

The contractor uses low-voltage power that switches thermostat volt current to condenser fan as well as
compressor. These contractors are on the common reason of air conditioning failure because they tend to
wear out easily. It is always better to replace it after almost five years even if it is working alright. Remove
the wires after unscrewing the contractor and move wires to the unit that is new. Get help of an ac technician or repair company if you think it is too much of a headache.

AC Maintenance

Testing the repairs

You need to disconnect the block after reinstalling the access panel. After that,turn the circuit breaker and
switch of furnace on. Also, wait for a/c to start so the compressor runs and fan spins. When the fan does
not start after starting the compressor, this most likely means that the fan motor is shot. Unscrew the
condenser cover and shut the power off. Remove the fan blade after removing the cover and repower the unit
to see if fan starts now. If it still fails to start, you will need to call professional help.

AC Maintenance

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