Air Conditioning Companies Dubai
November 11, 2017
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AC Maintenance Companies Dubai

AC Maintenance Companies Dubai

AC Maintenance Companies Dubai help you repair and maintain air-conditioning in your house in hot summer days. Here are some ways to save on air-conditioning in Dubai marina this summer.

Seeping air

If the window seals and doors are worn out, chances are that the cold air is seeping out through them. You
can perform a mini audit to check the condition of seeping air yourself. You need to step and run hand along
all the windows and doors. Also, if you feel the air escaping,you need to caulk and insulate around the leaky windows
and doors.

Making an upgrade

It is also frutful to upgrade to a smater thermostat than the one you are currently using. Now a days, new
and advance thermostats regulate heat and cold while no body is home.

AC Repairing Companies Dubai Marina

Thermostat placement

Placing the themostat the right way plays a great role in the working of your airconditioner. If you have placed
your thermostat near to a hot window, airconditioner will think its much hotter than it actually is and will
end up kicking in more often.

Closing the blinds

If you have windows open, the hot air coming in will heat up the thermostat as well as the room. When the days
are warm, close the blinds to keep the sun out. Also, this will keep the windows insulated and stopping the cold
air from escaping the room.

AC Repairing Companies Dubai Marina

Using the fan

You can also use fan to cool the room instead of air-conditioning at all the times. Also, it is helpful as it uses very
less energy in comparison to air conditioner.

Raising the temperature

Leaving the room at same temperature while leaving the house is not a good idea thinking that it will take
less time for airconditioner to recool the room. However, the most reasonable way is to turn the thermostat
up before leaving the house.

AC Repairing Companies Dubai Marina

Setting the temperature low

If you set the thermostat on low temperature, you can save a lot of money. You need to set the temperature a little higher can save you big money in a year.

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