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November 9, 2017
AC Maintenance Companies Dubai
November 11, 2017
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Air Conditioning Companies Dubai

Air Conditioning Companies Dubai

Air Conditioning Companies Dubai is a must when you feel like you are swimming in a hot bowl of soup.
However, there are some ways to stay cool as well as save energy using some tips.

Lower the AC at night

At night, one most likeliy does not require constant cooling. Turn the AC down during night. Also, you can use
Sleep Mode that helps lowering the output.

Air-conditioning Dubai Marina

Using Windows

You can use a portable unit to cool only the area you are working in instead of whole house. It is helpful because
these portable units use only half the energy as compared to large central unit use to cool the same area.

Closing the Vents

You can also close all the vents in lower area of your house because basement is relatively cooler than other
area of house. By closing all the lower area vents, you will force all the air up at top because it will not slink

Air-conditioning Dubai Marina

Servicing the Unit

If you have trees around your filter that drops seeds inside it, you should get a good hosing out. Small
maintenance saves your air-conditioning unit from working harder.

Checking the Ducts

You should make sure to properly insulate the ducts that run through your house and keep the air cooler.
Its the best way to avoid paying for half cool air in full money.

Air-conditioning Dubai Marina

Rearranging the Furniture

There should not be any furniture obstructing the air-conditioning vents, otherwise it will be end up cooling
the back of a chair or sofa instead. You can buy plastic pieces to force the vents in right direction, but it
is better to just rearrange the furniture.


You can turn the unnecessary lights off and also let the light to come from open windows. It will require you
open or close windows daily with the change in sun and also makes a huge impact on how much heat is

Air-conditioning Dubai Marina

When no one is Home

You should try to keep your AC at 85 and keep all the windows and drapes close. The blinds will keep the sun out
while you are away and it will take less time for the room to cool.

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