AC Maintenance Dubai Marina

AC Maintenance Dubai Marina

For maintaining your air-conditioner, you need to avoid ignoring your ac management which will ultimately
reduce the efficiency of your system and need repairs. For ac maintenance Dubai, you need to avoid
some obvious mistakes to avoid maintaining and repairing your ac time and again.

Air filter improvement

The air filter in your house helps in removing dust and allrgies from the air that passes the system. These
filters are lightly constructed and need to be replaced regularly. The air filter gets very dirty after every few
months, making it difficult for air to pass which makes it impossible for the unit to do its job. WE FIX AIR CON provides you best ac maintenance in Dubai Marina in case of ac issues.

This situation raises the dust level in your house as well as decreases the airflow which makes it difficult for ac unit to work efficiently. The energy use of ac can be increased after replacing the filter every replacing it couple times
a year. It might also need to change after activities of demolition and remodeling of house.

AC Maintenance Dubai Marina

Cleaning the coils and fins

Coils and fins of air conditioning evaporator allows the heat to pass from refrigerant into air. This process is
important but it can also lead to accumulate the layers of dust and debris. You need to check your coil to
avoid reducing the efficiency and spending money.Its best to clean the air conditioning when the warm
season starts and also keep checking it after storms or winds so the fins and coils are clear.

AC Maintenance Dubai Marina

Setting the Thermostat

Today’s tehnology requires every home to have a programmable thermostat. It allows to set temperature for
various portions of the day and lowers the temperature when you need it to cool without you needing it to
hover over the dial. Some thermostats now a days have learning capabilities which can accommodate
repeated schdules.

Using AC when not needed

You need to check if you will be in house while scheduling the settings. Turn the temperature up when no one
is home as well as in the middle of nights to save money. Avoid setting the a/c on lower temperature when
you are not around.

AC Maintenance Dubai Marina

Checking the Drain

Drains are used in most air conditioners to take care of condensatiob and channel water out of the house.
These drains do an important job and are easily missed. Its not a good news if any of these drains get clog and
also damage the floors and walls around it due to over flow of moisture. Hence, you need to keep your drains
clean and try snaking it with a wire every year to keep it clean.