AC Repair Dubai

AC Repair Dubai

AC Repair Dubai is increasing because in hot areas, use of air-conditioner is increasing. Repairing of an
ac can be avoided if you follow simple tips to maintain and choose the AC. We fix Air Condition Company provides you best AC Repair in Dubai. Here are some tips to avoid repair of your ac frequently.

Tips To Help Avoid AC Repair

Choosing the AC and setting:

You need to compare the cooling and heating or output power consumption of many different models. You also
need to consider the size of your house and room. Also if there is internal heating inside the building.  This will help you avoid repair due to disturbing the settings

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Inverter model

An inverter air conditioning have VSD installed that varies the speed of compressor. It should run at full
speed at the time you need the place to get cool fast. It also runs at a speed slower at the time when cooling
is not urgently required.

Right size

If the airconditioner is too big for your area and it will shorten the cooling and heating cycles and where
it will switch off or on that needs to use a lot of energy. When it is too small, it will need to work hard to
cool or warm down the place. You can also use professional help to calculate the heating or cooling in your

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Energy rating labels

The labels have a star rating of 1-6 stars for cooling and heating efficiency. Also, the more stars have more energy
efficiency and are cheaper to run too. Best energy-efficient air conditiong have a rating of 7-10 stars.

Using Timers

The number of air-conditioning system could be reduced using the timers. Also, the system should switch on when
someone is entering the room or turns off when you leave the room.

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Air circulation

You need to remove the furniture or curtains that might be blocking the inside unit. Regularly remove the dust
from the outside unit and also the plants that block the airflow. Also,you need to clean the filter to keep the
good airflow.  We fix Air Condition Company provides you best AC Repair Dubai.


Try to avoid the activities that will increase the humidity such as moping the floor or drying the clothes. However, it is preferable to do these things in evening when the weather is good.