AC Service Dubai

AC Service Dubai

AC Service Dubai helps you save from the heat waves from assaulting your senses. The
warm weather makes it necessary to get improved ways of air-conditioning in your house while controlling
the extra expenses. We Fix Air Con provides you following  tips and tricks to improve and maintain your AC servicing in Dubai Marina.

Cleaning the drain line

The drain is typically mounted above the furnace placed in basement. Also, you need to flush a cup of chlorine
down the drain of your air-conditioner and use a gallon of water to rinse it. In-fact, cleaning the drain from time
to time saves the basement from taking in water in-case of blockage of drain.



Using the dryer and oven

You should avoid using oven or dryer during the hotter times during the day. Also, if you run your dryer, the air
conditioning will get more air to draw in your house and use additional warmth in your house. Also, this will also
cause air conditioning to work hard.

Insulating around duct work

The duct work should be sealed and leaks into your air-condition air. Also, you can use tape to fix the leaks and
make sure to also get a professional to check on next visit. We fix Air Condition Company provides you best AC Service Dubai.

AC Servicing company Dubai Marina

Reducing indoor heat

When you are at home, setting the thermostat to low is a good option. Set the temperature high at night or
not at home. However, it is easy to save up to 15 percent on the bills of air-conditioning and raise the temperature
to set the thermostat while you are away from house and do not need cooling anymore.

AC Servicing company Dubai Marina

Plantation around the house

Mostly the heat accumulating in the house comes from the sun or through windows and end up heating the
house. Also,planting leafs around your house’s exterior will save the house from the glares of the sun. Following these simple tips will help improve your ac performance.